7 billion

This post over at Feminist Philosophers is succinct but brilliant. It captures the feeling of hope which I think has been completely lost in all the doomsday articles on over-population and armageddon type scenarios about the end of the world as we know it now that we are 7 billion, and not 6-billion-and-something.

Yes, if all 7 billion consumed the resources that I do right now, it really would be the end of the world, and quick. But they don’t, and hopefully we will all find ways to meet the challenges that this population will bring with it.

Interestingly, addressing climate change is inherently linked with empowering women and girls. As this blog explains, a recent paper has found the most cost effective ways of spending climate change intervention dollars is via educating girls and increasing access to family planning. Through these outcomes I would also hope that maternal mortality and morbidity would decrease.

I too hope that this generation of girls has a brighter future than what we are currently able to see, particularly those who are born into the developing world.


2 responses to “7 billion

  • hippocampa

    Thank you, it was heartfelt 🙂

  • clyde1120

    I like this post. I am inclined however to believe that we as a species will “fuck shit up” before we realise exactly what we (as in the overwhelming majority) have and maybe then start to manage it better with a larger emphasis on balance and sustainable growth.

    An example that I use is that we will probably start digging up landfill in a hundred or so years time to access plastics to recycle because we are getting really close to running out of oil to make virgin plastic.

    Maybe there will be time to turn it all around, maybe not? But I agree totally with the statement that empowering women is a huge part of the equation.

    I really want to be optimistic ATM but there just isn’t enough people as I see it who really want to contribute to ensuring that some sort of balance is achieved. And thus the circle turns…see my first para.

    Keep writing though. You have my eyes.


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